Are you in the process of building or remodeling a storefront? If so, it's very important that you understand all of your options. 

Speaking with a glass specialist can help you make the proper selection.

How to Pick the Best Glass for Storefront Doors

Your storefront makes an impression every time someone walks in. Picking the right material for your glass doors, windows or fixtures is crucial to leaving a positive, lasting impression. 

Understanding what to consider will help you select the right glass. 


Think about the store's weather, security requirements and the glass's impact resistance while making your glass selection. 

Tempered glass is strong and safe, thanks to the heat treatment process it goes through. This type of glass also works well in areas that experience frigid temperatures. 

Laminated glass, which has a plastic coating between the panes, has the highest impact rating. 


What kind of safety do the windows need to provide? Is your business located in an area that experiences a lot of crime? 

A strong plastic interlayer connects the various layers of glass that make up laminated glass. This interlayer keeps shattered glass pieces from flying all over the place, making it shatterproof and an excellent glass material for businesses in high-crime areas.

Location of the Storefront

Perhaps you're located in a region that has a lot of extreme weather, like hurricanes, tornadoes or floods. 

Tempered and laminated glass, which are resistant to impacts, are a good investment for businesses located in regions that experience extreme weather. 

Laminated glass doesn't shatter even if it breaks, protecting the interior from flying objects and strong winds. 

Tempered glass is strong enough to endure hurricanes and other severe weather.


Certain types of colored or frosted glass, such as acid-etched glass or privacy glass coatings, provide practical solutions to meet privacy concerns. 

The use of these materials lets in natural light while blocking or limiting visibility from the outside. 

You can also increase seclusion by using textured or one-way mirror glass. 

Selecting glass that strikes a balance between visibility and seclusion creates an inviting but protected retail space.


If you want a more traditional look, go for clear glass. 

Reflective, frosted and tinted glass exude a more contemporary appeal. 

For a truly unique aesthetic look, consider glass with patterns or textures. 


The upkeep requirements of tempered, laminated and tinted glass are quite different from one another. 

Although tempered glass is long-lasting, you must handle it with care. You cannot cut or drill through tempered glass. 

Laminated glass also requires careful handling to maintain the integrity of the interlayer. 

To keep tinted glass looking its best, you may need to use certain cleaning tools. 


Choosing the right glass affects much more than the visual appeal of your business. It also impacts the building's energy efficiency and carbon footprint. 

If you need help selecting the right glass for your storefront, give Raben Glass a call today.