A home or building's glass doors and windows are among its most important security features. 

Ordinary, annealed glass is a tempting target for would-be burglars and a potential hazard in severe weather because of how readily it breaks, leaving sharp shards that might cut someone. 

Thankfully, there are ways to strengthen glass doors and windows, which in turn increases safety and security. Tempered glass is one of the most often recommended options.

Why is Tempered Glass Better for Windows and Doors?

Regular, annealed glass splits into deadly shards called spalls when it shatters and leaves ragged window frame edges. To avoid spall, scientists developed tempering to strengthen normal glass during the manufacturing process.


The special production method used to make tempered glass makes it a material with improved safety features. The process of quickly heating and cooling the glass creates internal tensions that increase its strength by a factor of four to five compared to normal glass. 

In contrast to ordinary glass, which may cause serious injuries when shattered into large, sharp shards, tempered glass breaks into smaller, less dangerous pieces.


The regulated heat treatment technique known as tempering is what gives tempered glass its strength. The internal compression forces created by quickly cooling the heated glass increase its toughness. 

The regulated cooling process guarantees the stresses distribute evenly, making the glass even more resistant to thermal stress and greater impact pressures. 

Scratch and Damage Resistant

Tempering increases the glass's overall strength by creating internal tensions, making it less vulnerable to impact, scratches and other external pressures. 

Its extreme resistance against scratching makes tempered glass perfect for electrical gadgets, automotive applications and high-traffic locations.

Heat Resistant

Tempering strengthens glass against thermal expansion by rapidly cooling it and introducing internal tensions. 

Because of this technique, tempered glass can resist heat for longer than ordinary glass, making it ideal for use as cooktop screens, oven doors and other similar appliances. 

The capacity to withstand sudden variations in temperature without breaking is of the utmost importance for maintaining safety in areas where heat levels fluctuate. 

Tempered glass also keeps its shape even when heated, making it a dependable and long-lasting option for situations where heat resistance is critical.

Aesthetic Appeal

Tempered glass offers enhanced aesthetic appeal with its sleek and modern appearance. Its consistent clarity and smooth, glossy surface make it a great option for modern designs. 

Because it lets light through without distorting it, tempered glass improves the appearance of buildings and gives them a more airy, spacious sense. 

Furthermore, designers can use tempered glass in varied designs, including frameless shower doors, thanks to its customizable nature.


With any luck, you now have a better understanding of tempered glass and its proper use. 

Here at Raben Glass, we excel at helping home and business owners enhance the security and safety of their properties. 

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