Did the glass in your house's doors or windows break or crack?

Or perhaps you are looking to upgrade to better quality glass that makes your house more energy efficient. 

Either way, Raben Glass has several options for glass replacement that you can choose from to fit your preferences.

Single Pane Glass Options

Single Pane Glass

Many older homes and commercial buildings have single pane glass, and this was the most popular type of glass to see in houses that were built before the mid-1980s.

You might prefer single pane glass if you must stick to a budget or if you need it to match the other glass on the building.

In addition to the traditional transparent style you see most often, we also have these types of glass available to install in doors and windows:

  • frosted glass
  • colored glass
  • glass with or without grids

Double Pane Glass Types

Dual Pane Glass Window

Newer homes tend to already have double pane glass installed, and the energy savings that they create makes it worth replacing them with similar glass. 

If there is currently single pane glass on the doors and windows of your home, then this simple upgrade can increase energy-efficiency immediately after our quick installation.

You may sometimes hear of this type of glass referred to as thermal or insulated glass.

We also have several types of double pane glass that you can choose from:

  1. tempered (safety) glass
  2. colored glass – bronze or gray
  3. LowE, or an energy efficient glass coating
  4. art glass such as frosted or rain styles

Glass Replacement

Improve the Look of the Exterior of Your Home

At times, glass replacement is your best option for changing the look of your home without having to completely replace the doors and windows.

We can remove clear glass panels and upgrade them to an art glass style that enhances the curb appeal of your home while also increasing privacy.

People often prefer frosted or rain glass on their front doors or on windows where privacy is especially important such as those that are installed in a bathroom.

Understand When Safety Glass is Necessary

Safety glass is manufactured using special processes that make it more resistant to breakage. If this type of glass does break, it is designed to hold itself together rather than creating many dangerous shards.

If you are replacing a broken pane of glass in doors or windows, then it is possible that safety glass might be a better option to prevent the issue from recurring. 

Here are a few more times when you may need to have safety glass installed.

  • doors and windows used by people with disabilities or small children
  • windows located near an entry door
  • windows that are placed within a 18 inches of the floor
  • windows that are above a bathtub or shower

Get a Free Quote and Fast Installation

We make it easy to arrange for window and door glass replacement.

1.  When you contact us, someone from our office will reach out to set up an appointment for a free, no obligation measurement of the areas where glass needs to be replaced. 

2.  After the technician gets the measurements, they will turn it in so that we can create your customized final quote.

When we set your quote, we base it off of the existing glass that is in the doors or windows unless you prefer to upgrade to a new type. 

3. Once you agree to the quote, we then set up a time for our technician to come back out and install the new glass.

In most cases, our lead time is about 5 - 7 days after your initial order is placed. 

All Work and Materials Guaranteed

Following the glass replacement, you also benefit from knowing that we guarantee all of our work and materials.

The glass that we use typically comes from our supplier OldCastle Building Envelope, and we trust our factory-sealed glass so well that we can offer a warranty against the seal failing for up to ten years.