Is your glass tabletop showing its age, or maybe you have a beautiful wood table that needs protection from spills?

Our glass tabletops are the perfect way to give your house a clean, modern look that works with any style of decor.

Glass Tabletop and Shelving Options

Clear glass is one of the more common options that people use for their glass furniture tops, and you might prefer this option if your goal is to protect a gorgeous hardwood table from damage.

You can also choose colored glass for a tabletop or shelf.

Neutral shades such as gray work with any type of color scheme in your home, or you can make your shelves or tabletop a major focal point by choosing a brighter hue for the glass.

Patterned glass is also an option that can include floral or geometric designs to enhance the aesthetics of your living space, or you can opt for frosted glass to blend into other features in the room. 

Types of Edge Work

Beveled edge work

The edging around furniture glass is a detail that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the decor.

We offer you several different types of edge work that include the following options for finishing off your beautiful glass tabletop or shelves.

  1. Flat Ground: This type of edge work results in a satin finish that eliminates any concerns about sharp edges around a tabletop.

    Since this type of edge work helps to reduce transparency, it is a great option when you prefer for the edges to be nearly undetectable.

  2. Polished: A polished edge is exactly what it sounds like. Once the glass has been cut, the edge is shaped and then polished with an abrasive material until it reaches a beautiful translucent finish.

  3. Beveled: You can choose from straight or curved beveling for the edge work on your custom tabletops and shelves.

    The angles created with this technique gives projects an elegant finish that becomes part of the focal point for the design.

  4. Chipped: These decorative edges are made by removing pieces of the glass along the edge of a shelf or countertop to make a scalloped pattern.

    Our glass is edged with great care to make sure that the chips are the appropriate size, width and depth to avoid compromising the integrity of the glass.

Places to Add Glass Shelving

Simple Custom Bathroom Glass Shelf

Glass shelving has benefits such as adding a design element to open areas of the home.

Shelves also serve a valuable purpose by opening up more storage space in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom where places to store everyday items is often in short supply.

As you prepare for our technician's visit, check out these areas of your home to determine if they could benefit from glass shelves.

  • showers and bathtubs
  • bar and entertainment centers
  • cabinets
  • open wall space
  • bookshelves
  • corners

Get Your New Glass Tabletop or Shelves Fast

We offer free, no-obligation quotes for your glass shelving, that begins with a visit from one of our technicians.

During this first visit, you get to learn more about your options as well as why our company stands out from the rest.

We provide quality shelves and tabletops that include custom-design options such as unique shapes and hardware.

We urge you to use this visit to show us all of the areas in your home that you know could benefit from having glass shelves or a tabletop installed.

You can also talk about your preferences for glass colors and edgework styles.

Following your visit, you receive a final quote from our office that covers all of the labor and materials required to complete your glass table top or shelf project.

Although times can vary, our current lead time is about 5 -7 business days after you approve the project. 

Rest Easy With a Full Warranty

We understand that glass is fragile, and you need to know that any investment that you make in your home is meant to last.

Our glass comes with a manufacturer's warranty on the materials and any other products such as hardware that we install.

We also offer a warranty on the installation that allows you to feel more comfortable about the long-term outlook for your home's new glass features.