Shower enclosures serve as a major focal point in your bathroom, and you need to know that the one you install is capable of standing up to frequent use.

Do you have a shower that has a broken frame or glass? We can replace your shower glass or the components with a similar style.

We also specialize in full shower enclosure installations that allow you to change the configuration or upgrade to higher quality materials.

Whether you need to install a walk-in shower for your loved one or want to add value by updating the style, we can do it all.

Our Frame Options

One of the first decisions that you need to make when planning a shower remodel is which type of frame you prefer, if any. We offer all frame types to make the planning process easier.

  • Framed - This type of shower enclosure is easy to identify by the metal frame that goes around all of the glass, including the door. We provide a variety of different frame finishes to ensure that your new shower enclosure matches the existing hardware in your bathroom.

  • Semi-Framed - We often refer to this type of enclosure as the happy medium. While it does have a frame around the tops and sides of the glass panels, we are able to leave the door frameless to create a more seamless look.

  • Frameless - A frameless shower enclosure uses heavier glass that does not require the support of a full frame. Instead, these enclosures are held together with special fasteners and hinges. In most cases, there will still need to be a metal header at the top for additional support.
Frameless Shower Enclosure Installation

Our Glass Types

We offer several glass types that allow you to achieve effects such as making the bathroom look larger or to provide a sense of privacy.

  • Clear - Choosing this glass type allows you to stick with a classic look that never goes out of style. Clear glass also opens up the space and allows you to show off decorative accents such as intricate tile work.

  • Obscure - This type of glass comes in several different styles such as frosted panels that limit visibility. You may pick this glass if the interior of the shower is simple or if you prefer a greater sense of privacy.

  • Rain - Raindrop and bubble effect glass styles work perfectly for a shower or bathtub enclosure since they mimic the appearance of water on the surface. You may prefer this glass for its ability to provide privacy while seamlessly blending into the rest of the bathroom decor.

  • Reeds - You may also hear this glass style referred to as ribbed. Vertical lines extend along the glass to give an opaque look that also allows the light to filter through.

Do You Just Need a Glass Panel?

We can do glass replacement on most shower enclosures. New glass can be used to replace scratched or hard water damaged panels.

We can also do a replacement with an updated glass type to transform the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.

We Specialize in Custom Shower Doors

Another Example of a Frameless Shower Enclosure

The doorway to your shower should be sturdy enough to last though daily use, yet also give you the feeling of relaxation that comes when you walk into a spa.

We offer sliding and hinged options that are functional and fit the decor. We even offer barn style shower doors that work great in smaller spaces and give an updated look to the decor.

Not Sure What You Want?

We understand. Most people only need to upgrade an existing shower once or twice in their lifetime. During a visit to your house, we can check the existing shower and assess the opening to help you figure out the ideal configuration for your remodel.

Our main suppliers for framed and semi-framed enclosures are Contractor’s Wardrobe, Arizona Shower Door and Wardrobe & Bath Specialities. We choose our suppliers based upon their same commitment to quality that we always offer our customers.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Our options for designing the shower or walk in tub of your dreams are long, but we like to keep the ordering and quote process simple.

1. At your request, one of our technicians comes to your house to find out which options you like and take measurements.

2. After you settle on the specifications for your project, our office then generates a quote and submits it to you for approval.

Our current lead time is about 5 to 7 days after you place your order. Our technician will keep you informed about the progress each step of the way, and you are always welcome to reach out to us with your questions.

All Work and Materials Guaranteed

We provide a full warranty on each installation, and most of our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty on the parts that we use.

We are licensed, bonded and insured.