Increase Energy Efficiency

The windows and doors on your home do far more than just let people come in or look outside.

Quality windows help to increase the energy efficiency of your house while also adding an additional element of decor that enhances the curb appeal. 

Windows and doors typically last for many years when they are installed correctly and manufactured from quality materials. Yet, you may need to replace them due to wear and tear or a desire to upgrade to a better style or brand. 

We Repair and Replace All Types of Windows

Need a Window or Door Replaced?

Here is our list of commonly asked questions to help you learn more about what is involved in the process of upgrading the doors and windows on your house.

When a Fully Framed Replacement is Necessary

When a window or door frame is in good condition, you may only need to replace glass that breaks.

However, there are many times when it is best to go with a full frame replacement.

You need to get a fully framed window or door replacement when the following situations apply.

  • the current frame is rotted or beyond repair
  • the window is out of square (meaning crooked or unlevel)
  • you need to replace single pane windows
  • you prefer a more durable material for the frame
  • you need to change the configuration
  • you want to update an outdated style
We Offer A Choice of Vinyl or Aluminum Frames

Materials that Work Best for Frames

We typically recommend choosing windows and doors with vinyl or aluminum frames.

These materials are more durable than other options such as wood, which can warp and rot.

Vinyl tends to insulate better than aluminum, yet you may prefer the strength of aluminum.

You can also find vinyl and aluminum frames in a variety of different colors and finishes to match the design scheme of your home.

We Use Dual Pane Glass to Retrofit Windows

We only offer dual pane retro-fit windows to ensure that every replacement leads to increased energy efficiency and long term customer satisfaction.

Our dual pane glass is designed to upgrade single pane windows by adding an additional layer of insulation that helps to keep the heat outside and the cool air inside your home.

You'll find that this type of glass not only looks better compared to single pane types, but it also helps to weatherproof your house. 

Since we know that everyone loves options, we do offer several different types of dual pane glass for window and door replacements.

Whether you want colored glass such as bronze or a frosted look, we have you covered. Just make sure to talk to the technician that visits your home about your preferences and desired final look for the finished project.

Many Window Replacement Options

Configuration Options

Have you ever wished that you could open a window in your bedroom to let the fresh air in at night, yet it is non-opening?

Or are you eager to find a better way to keep your windows clean?

We have several configuration options available that you can use to upgrade your current lifestyle and improve the functionality of the doors and windows in your home. 

While we do need to work with the opening shape and size of the current windows, we may be able to offer you one of these types of configurations.

  • single hung with tilt-in sashes
  • double hung with multiple ways to open
  • sliders
  • awning

How the Replacement Process Works

We aim to make replacing doors and windows as easy as possible with our seamless process for issuing quotes and getting started on the work.

You will simply need to follow these few steps to see your dream of beautiful windows and doors come true.

  1. Meet with our field technician for a free measurement of the doors and windows that you want replaced.
  2. Find out your options during the initial measurement visit. Our technician will talk to you about the types of frames, glass and configurations that are available.
  3. Be sure to mention any issues that you have had with the doors or windows in the past so that we can help you find the ideal styles.
  4. Our office will reach out to you with a customized quote for your window and doors replacement project based upon the information provided to us from the technician.
  5. You give your approval.
  6. When you place your order, we take 50% of the cost as a deposit. You then pay the balance after the installation is complete.

That's it. Just 5 simple steps, and you can expect that your new retro-fit window or door will be installed within about 2 weeks from the date you place your order.

Our Brands and Prices

We often get asked by customers about the brands that we use, and the majority of our fully framed doors and windows are manufactured by Cascade, Milgard and International.

Our pricing per window or door varies depending upon factors such as the size and type of materials that you choose.

However, every window or door that we install comes with a guarantee of its quality as well as the work that is put into the installation.