Mirrors can be purely decorative and designed to create the illusion of more space in a room. Or you may need a mirror to serve a practical purpose such as helping people check their form at the gym.

While you can find mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes, there are times when you need a custom design to meet your needs.

Whether you own a dance studio that needs floor to ceiling mirrors or just want to replace a broken mirrored closet door at your home, we have the experience and materials to quickly install a beautiful and long-lasting custom mirror.

Mirror Color and Style Options

Our custom mirrors come in multiple shapes and sizes so that we can make your vision of the perfect reflective surface come to life.

While traditional silver mirrors still remain our most popular request for projects, we do offer color options that enhance your project.

Try adding a decorative mirror in a golden or dark gray hue to a piece of furniture to serve as a conversation piece. We can also fit mirrors into oddly shaped or sized spaces where the prior glass was lost.

Mirror Glass Thickness

The thickness of the mirror matters when it comes to durability. In most cases, we use 1/8” thick mirrors for areas where thin glass is preferable.

This thinner material works best in places such as medicine cabinets and closet doors where you need the mirror to blend into the rest of the fixture and do not want any extra added weight.

For wall mirrors, we prefer to use 1.4” glass. This glass is thicker and allows us to ensure that it is more resistant to breakage, which is especially important if you are doing a custom mirror installation in areas with high activity such as in a gym.

A thicker glass for wall mirrors also helps it to stand out and it allows us more room to do decorative edge work for a beautiful finish.

Types of Edging

Stunning Custom Bathroom Mirrors!

We offer several types of edge work for custom mirrors. The standard flat ground edge is what you have likely seen on most mirrors.

This edge blends into the background so that the primary surface takes center stage. Since this is the simplest edge to finish, it is also preferable for mirrors that will be enclosed in a frame or recessed into a space.

We also offer polished, beveled and chipped edge work for your custom mirror design. These types of edges work well on mirrored surfaces such as a tabletop where they are more prominent.

Benefits of Copper-Free Mirrors

We prefer to use copper-free mirrors in our custom projects. Not only are we excited to share that these mirrors are all made right here in the USA, but they also offer benefits over other types.

Copper is prone to corrosion, and you can see the evidence of its vulnerabilities if you take a look at the blackening seen on antique mirrors. Our choice to use copper-free mirrors also offers these benefits.

  • Less vulnerable to atmospheric corrosion
  • Ideal for use in wet environment such as bathrooms
  • Resistant to black edge corrosion caused by chemical oxidation

Places We Can Install Custom Mirrors

Commercial Use of Custom Mirrors

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs that little something extra? Or do you have a large wall space with nothing to fill it in?

We can put custom mirrors virtually anywhere you desire, and these are a few of the places that benefit from adding them...

  • Bathroom walls - consider adding one large mirror for a shared countertop, or switch to a single oval mirror to accent a pedestal sink.
  • Gyms and dance studios - make sure to include mirrors that are tall enough for people to see their full-length body along with smaller ones in dressing areas.
  • Furniture and decor - handmade furniture such as headboards often benefit from the addition of mirrors to give them greater functionality and improve their design.
  • Kitchen backsplashes - create the illusion of more space in cramped kitchens while also enhancing a modern decorating scheme.

Our Pricing and Quote Process

Our prices reflect the choices that you make during the custom design process.

During your free initial consultation, we will take any measurements that are required for your project and create a template, if it is needed, which will be used to make the mirror.

You will also have the chance to select the color and edge work that you want on your custom mirror. With that information, our office will furnish you with a quote for your final project that is based on only the specifications that you request.

Custom Mirror Installation in Around a Week

Our custom mirrors are typically installed in about a week. However, specialized projects, such as those requiring intricate edge work, may take longer.

We’ll give you an estimate on the lead time during the ordering process so that you can know when to look forward to seeing the beauty of your custom mirror project in your home or business.

All Work and Materials Guaranteed

By working with a licensed, insured and bonded contractor, you can be assured that the work and materials are guaranteed.