Tuffen glass is a type that you’ll find throughout many residential and commercial buildings. Since the panes are designed to maintain the same visual clarity as regular glass, you might not even notice the difference. There are some key reasons why your glass installer may recommend this type. Most of them come down to strength and durability.

What Makes Tuffen Glass Different?

Tuffen glass is often referred to as toughened. The panes start out as regular annealed glass, but they then undergo a special treatment process. The glass is heated to temperatures above 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, it is cooled rapidly. This process creates a higher level of center tension that makes it about six times stronger than regular versions of the material.

Where Can You Use Toughened Glass?

You can use toughened panes in any part of a building that you would use regular glass. The strength that this material offers also expands your options for adding glass installations. These are just a few of the most common places where we install this type of material.

#1 Shower Enclosures

Those gorgeous shower enclosures you see in home design articles are possible in any home thanks to toughened glass. Since the possibility of slipping and falling in a wet area is higher, you’ll want to use stronger panes in the shower enclosure. Toughened glass can be used with both framed and frameless shower enclosures so that you can choose from your preferred design.

#2 Residential and Commercial Windows and Doors

Both homes and business buildings benefit from having translucent doors and windows that allow for more sunlight to come inside. Using regular glass can sometimes pose a problem when the doors and windows are likely to be hit. Toughened panes are best for any doors and windows that are placed low enough to the floor that they could break if someone falls against them. 

If one of the panes does break, the toughened surface causes it to break into small pebble-like pieces that are less likely to hurt someone. This also makes it easier to clean up the broken material.

#3 Room Partitions

Open office spaces create an airy feel that enhances business practices. Glass room partitions help to cut the noise and increase privacy while still allowing for that open feeling. Since these panels are also at a higher risk of being stressed, toughened materials increase safety in the workplace.

#4 Shelves

Do you love the look of translucent shelves but worry about breakage? Toughened glass makes it possible to create beautiful storage areas without worrying about the shelves breaking from the strain of holding up the display.

Does Tuffen Glass Come In Different Styles?

Like other options, toughened glass can be tinted or colored to add to your building’s aesthetics. You can also choose from frosted and patterned styles for areas where you want more privacy such as for your shower.

We typically recommend Tuffen glass for any areas of a building that are likely to experience strong forces if the area is hit by an object or person. Using toughened glass prevents serious injuries. Reducing the chance of breakage also helps you to get the most miles out of your construction or home remodeling project. Adding strength to the beauty of regular glass allows for us to create beautiful custom work without the worry of breakage.