Your home’s decor reflects your personality, and there’s no better way to show it off than by adding a few personalized touches.

Why Use Custom Mirrors

Our technicians can use special edging techniques to create custom mirrors that highlight your attention to detail. You can also get the glass cut to the exact size you need to put a reflective surface on a piece of furniture or a shelf. 

While mirrors have long been used in homes as wall art, it’s good to know these other useful ways to use them to add interest to any room.

Create the Illusion of More Space

Small, cramped rooms are one of the biggest decorating challenges. Mirrors add a sense of depth, which can make the room look bigger. 

Adding a mirror to a room that lacks a good window mimics the effect of an opening in the wall. Larger mirrors tend to work best for this purpose, and you can put floor-to-ceiling panels in rooms that need a lot of opening up, such as a home gym or office.

Illuminate Dark Spaces

Many parts of your home may lack natural sunlight. Hallways are a common area where you might struggle with lighting.

Consider hanging several small mirrors in a pattern along a dark interior hallway.

Putting a statement piece in the entryway will provide a warm welcome to everyone who visits your home. Adding mirrors to these spaces can help make the best use of the light fixtures that are already installed. 

Show Off Collectibles From Multiple Angles

Sculptures and other types of three-dimensional art often deserve to be seen from every angle. Placing a mirror behind a showpiece brings all of its beauty into full view. 

Custom-cut reflective panes can be placed in hutches and display cases so that your favorite collectibles take center stage in a room.

Give a Modern Look to Your Kitchen

Mirrors serve far more purposes than just dressing up the fireplace mantel. One of the hottest trends right now in home decorating is using them throughout the kitchen to add an element of intrigue. 

Small mirrored tiles are great for creating a mosaic design for a backsplash. Or, you could have larger pieces cut to add a twist to traditional subway tile. 

If you’re worried about the traditional silver hue looking too out of place in your kitchen design, consider using a colored tint. The panels or tiles can be tinted to give them an antique look, or you could go with a blue or bronze tint to match other elements of the decor. 

This option works great when you want to swap out clear panels in cabinet doors so that you can hide what’s inside.

Dress Up Your Closet or Bathroom

You’ll typically find a mirror located in bathrooms and near closets to help people get ready for their day. Yet, you may wonder what the builder or previous owner was thinking when they installed the current one. 

Changing out the mirror can transform the space to fit your style or to accommodate a recent remodel. For instance, hanging a smaller oval mirror over a pedestal sink can give the bathroom a whole new look. Or, you might prefer a bigger panel over a wall-to-wall countertop. 

Installing a mirror in your closet can also make the area feel more like a luxurious dressing room rather than a storage space.

Mirrors are often used in magic shows to trick the eye, and you can use these same effects throughout your house. From making a room look bigger to directing attention to your favorite work of art, take a look around your home to see where you can use reflective panels to highlight your sense of style.