Although an attractive sign is important, you might be missing out on some of the biggest benefits for your company that glass doors and windows provide. 

We frequently update storefronts with beautiful glass features that give a boost to many of the aspects that go into running a successful business.

Clear Out Unsightly Damage

Just a stroll down any business district or main street in a town often reveals damage to the glass doors and windows on various buildings. While you might have grown used to a cracked window, we can bet that your customers notice. 

Glass that is hazy, cracked or chipped makes it look like your company is run down. Even worse, it can make it look like your business doesn’t care about quality. Having clear, clean glass on the storefront makes a statement about your company’s commitment to quality.

Create Inviting Window Displays

Windows are a powerful sales and marketing tool that drive immediate sales. Once you’ve got gorgeous glass glimmering on the storefront, the next logical step is to fill the windows with the best products that you have to offer. 

People love to window shop, and this is a great way to invite people to walk through the front doors. You can also be certain that any signs that you place there will be visible to passersby.

Make a Grand Entrance

The combination of glass and metal create a luxurious feeling. We can give you an impressive door that makes people feel like they are in the lap of luxury as they enter your building. 

In fact, a grand entrance is a necessity for any business that sells high-end products such as vehicles, jewelry and real estate. 

Increase Security

A clear view of what is going outside is critical for your staff and the other people in the building to stay safe. Security cameras are great, but it is also more effective for a staff member to be able to look outside and see who is coming in. 

We also have options such as two-way glass that you can use to create a beautiful storefront for your building while making sure that people can’t see inside areas that you want out of view.

Change the Configuration

Your business may benefit from changing up the overall configuration of the doors and windows. For instance, you might need to upgrade to wider glass doors now that your company has a higher volume of traffic. 

Sliding doors are an option for businesses where customers or employees may be entering and leaving with their hands full of packages. 

You may also want to add more windows to let even more light in. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to the configurations that we can do to make your storefront more inviting and accessible.

Enjoy a Seamless Upgrade

A window and door installation should never cause a dramatic disruption in your business operations. We can visit your store and make recommendations for an update that can be initiated within only a few short days.

Our free consultation includes a meeting with one of our experienced storefront glass designers. We can help you decide on the best upgrades to make that will create a lasting impression on anyone who sees the front of your building.

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