According to, the windows in your home impact up to 30% of your annual heating and cooling costs. 

This means the more energy efficient your windows are, the more money you'll save on utility costs. 

If your home has traditional single-pane windows, you may want to consider upgrading them. These windows contribute to significant heat loss and energy waste. 

No matter what type of windows you have, taking care of them will improve their energy efficiency.

How Do I Maintain My Home Windows?

Proper window care reduces drafts throughout the home, which helps control humidity and leads to a healthier living space. 

It also extends the windows' lifespan, helps prevent water damage to your home and even improves your health and well-being. 

Furthermore, regular maintenance ensures all locks and latches work properly, making your home safer and more secure. 

In addition to the maintenance tasks discussed in the next sections, you can use these tips to maintain your home's windows:

  • Repaint wooden frames every two to three years.
  • Dust your home regularly.
  • Carefully inspect the seals.

Clean and Lubricate the Window Tracks

Wipe down the windows once a month with a rag. Twice a year, deep clean them by washing and lubricating the window tracks. Use warm water and a sponge brush to get rid of grime and debris. 

Keeping these tracks clean is vital to your home's comfort and health. Dirty tracks have mildew and organic matter buildup, which attracts pests like ants and spiders. 

If your home has a lot of trees near the windows, you may need to clean and lubricate the tracks more than twice a year.

Watch Out for Cracks

Cracks in windows lead to air drafts, which put extra strain on your heating and cooling systems. It also results in an uncomfortable indoor environment. 

Experts recommend checking the windows at least twice a year for cracks. If you have wood windows, you can sometimes fix these cracks by scraping out any rotted wood and filling the gaps with epoxy putty.

Caulk and Weatherstrip

Caulking and weatherstripping can also help seal cracks, preventing costly drafts. 

There are several types of weatherstripping to choose from, including foam tape, adhesive-backed stripping, corner seals and felt strips. V-strip weatherstripping works best for double-hung and sliding windows. 

Repair Window Damage Immediately

Damaged and broken windows are safety hazards and can lead to serious injury. 

Failing to fix a damaged window makes your home much less energy efficient and much less secure. During the warmer months, it can leave your home feeling hot and stuffy, even with the AC going wide open. 

Any time you notice window damage, it's best to hire a professional window repair company as soon as possible. 

Taking care of your home's windows is a wise investment that saves you money in the long run. 

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