Mirrors are one of the most versatile design pieces you can use for residential or commercial buildings. They reflect light, open up space and serve as a functional way for people to check out their appearance.

Our custom mirror styles allow you to use these benefits to beautify any environment, with unique pieces of furniture and wall decor that you can’t find anywhere else. 

When you have a space that needs a little something extra, consider these potential uses of custom mirrors for your home or business.

Custom Mirrors in Baths & Bedrooms

Many commercial buildings are initially designed with stock reflective glass that provides only a minimal view of a person’s appearance in the bathroom or dressing area.

While a face view might be fine for a restaurant’s public bathroom, your employees or guests might need a full view of their body to make sure they look their best. This is especially important where people shower or change clothes such as the gym.

We can replace stock mirrors with custom cut designs that allow people to check their appearance from head to toe.

Add Interest to Furniture

A reflective surface is not just for walls. We can add one to a tabletop to create a unique piece that is functional and beautiful.

Headboards are another common piece of furniture where we can cut a mirror to fit any shape. Putting reflective glass on the back of a headboard helps to open up the room and lighten up the appearance of darker wood finishes. 

Enhance Security

Many buildings have hidden areas that can be made visible with the strategic placement of mirrors. Consider hanging a custom design near a corner space to expand the view for your employees or security team. This discreet option allows you to create an elegant atmosphere, while still keeping an eye on everything that happens in the room.

Make a Statement

Frosted and colored glass can also be specially coated to make it a reflective surface. Consider hanging a framed golden mirror, etched with your company logo, in the lobby of your office building.

Another fun idea is to add a rose-colored looking-glass in your Victorian-style bathroom. Geometric-shaped cuts are another unusual way to add a feature to any room to attract attention.

Brighten Up a Dull Kitchen

Your first thought may be to use ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash. However, mirrored backsplashes are rapidly becoming one of the hottest trends in kitchen design. Our glass is available in break- and water-resistant types that work perfectly in a kitchen. A reflective backsplash creates the illusion of more space while also enhancing the effects of nearby light sources.

Take It Outside

Just imagine for a minute how beautiful it would be to see your outdoor garden reflected in glass on your outdoor patio. Finding decor for exterior walls is often challenging, and reflective glass fits naturally into the environment by pulling the beauty of nature into your entertainment area.

This concept works especially well for restaurants and residential kitchens that want to enhance an outside dining area.

We can add a custom mirror to just about any space. Our options also include colors and decorative edgings, allowing your new decorative piece to stand out.

Whether you have a corporate meeting room in need of some pizazz, or just want to add a regal touch to a master bathroom, our custom designs are the perfect addition to any space.

Raben Glass has over 40 years of experience working in the residential and commercial Glass Industry. At Raben Glass, we put YOU first while making sure we provide the best service we possibly can. We look forward to working with you for all your glass repair and replacement needs. 

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