Dual pane windows offer benefits that include making your property more energy-efficient. This style of window has two panes of glass with gas sealed in between them. The space between the panes serves as an insulating layer that helps to maintain the temperature of your home. 

Over time, the seal between the panes can break. The glass or frame around the window can also get damaged. Watching for these signs lets you know when it is time to plan for a window replacement.

Condensation Builds Up Between the Glass Panes

One of the biggest warning signs of a failing seal is seeing fog or condensation build up between the layers. This is a sign that outdoor air is getting inside where the temperature difference leads to a build up of moisture. In addition to being unsightly, this means that your windows are no longer serving their primary purpose.

Outside Noises Are More Noticeable Indoors

The insulating layer between the two panes also serves as a buffer to outside noises. In most buildings, you can usually hear some noises. For example, it is hard to completely muffle the sound of a loud truck driving by. 

Think about what is normal for your home or commercial building. If you find that you are hearing more noise than you once did, then this could be a sign that the seal is breaking down.

Rising Heating and Cooling Costs

Sometimes, the first sign of a faulty window is lower energy-efficiency. You might not see condensation building up just yet, but you could notice a higher electric or gas bill. Replacing poor-performing windows with ones that are in good condition could help you to lower your home’s energy costs.

Feeling Drafts of Air

A poor seal around the panes allows air to come inside. You can run your hand around the perimeter of the frames to see if you feel any air. A professional inspection can let you know if the air is coming through a replaceable part of the weatherstripping or a broken seal between the two layers of glass.

Visible Damage to the Panes or Frames

Once the gas escapes through a bad seal, the two panes can sometimes collapse inward or develop noticeable distortions. Cracks are common when this happens. Any visible damage to the glass compromises it’s insulating qualities.

The frames around the glass play a role in keeping the window sealed. Wooden frames are susceptible to rot. A fully framed replacement is an option that lets you upgrade to stronger materials such as aluminum or vinyl.

The Decorative Grids are Falling Down

A failing window can also impact the curb appeal of your property. Many dual pane windows have decorative grids between the layers of glass. The materials holding these grids in place can sometimes degrade. When they do, the grid lines will fall out of their desired places. 

Fixing this issue would involve needing to break the seal between the panes. In most cases, a replacement is recommended to restore the appearance of your property without sacrificing the window’s integrity.

The windows on your home or commercial building should last for many years with proper care. After our professional installers place new windows, we’ll give you a few tips on how to keep them in top condition so that you enjoy the most benefits from their insulating qualities.