The best windows for your home should be both energy-efficient and attractive. Since every house is different, it can take some time to determine which ones you want. 

Choosing windows can get a little more complicated than many property owners expect. There are significant differences in style, energy efficiency, and quality. We only work with window manufacturers that are known for producing high-quality windows that last for many years.

Thinking about these factors helps you get ready for your upcoming consultation.

Determine Your Style Preference

The style of windows that you choose affects their appearance and general functioning. For instance, an awning window is hinged at the top and pushes outward from the bottom. These are often used in areas where ventilation is preferred and visibility is less of a concern. Garages are an area where these tend to be used the most.

Double hung window

Double-hung windows have two sashes that are placed into one frame. A sash is the parts of the window that move and hold the glass. The two parts pass each other when you open the window either up or down. People often like these windows because they may be able to tilt the glass inside to make cleaning easier.

Single-hung windows are similar to double-hung ones, but only the bottom moves up or down. These can also be found with tilt-in sashes.

Sliding styles are one of the most popular options. They move horizontally and are available in single or double sliding styles. These tend to be easier to open in hard to reach spaces. They also create a sleek look for street-facing parts of your house.

A fixed style is one that does not open. Most residential building codes require you to have at least one opening window in each room where people sleep. This style does have benefits for decorative purposes on homes. 

You might choose a circular fixed window as an accent that brings out your home’s distinctive architecture. They also make great additions to rooms that need more light than the current windows bring in.

Dual Pane Window

Choose the Glass

This is one area of the selection process where technicians are the most helpful. Today’s homeowners have multiple options for glass that allow for customization that enhances comfort and energy savings. 

Dual-pane glass is the type that most people prefer. It has two sheets of glass with an air pocket in between. It provides more insulation than single pane glass.

There are also options for the type of gas that is in between the panes. Argon or krypton gas is commonly used for this purpose.

Glass for windows comes in different colors and with special glazing materials added to the surface. Low-E coatings are often discussed in window selection consultations. Reflective glazing is another option that provides privacy and thermal regulation.

Pick out a Frame

Complete window replacements and installations involve putting in a new frame. Vinyl and aluminum frames are the longest-lasting options, and they both provide a comfortable amount of insulation. 

These frames are also available in several different colors and decorative finishes. This allows you to match them to your home instead of having to repaint wood.

Our field technicians are experienced in helping homeowners find the right windows for their property. Once you have an idea of what you need, let us know. Getting an expert’s opinion on your professional window installation helps you to feel secure that you’ve covered every possible factor that influences your satisfaction.