Have you ever been in a situation where it is raining, and you have no idea why your windows are leaking? 

You may have tried plugging the hole and sealing it with tape, but that didn't solve the problem. It may be time to schedule a window repair, because the leaks could cause more expensive repairs if left unattended. 

How Do You Stop a Window from Leaking?

You can try to repair a window if there are only minor leaks. 

  • Adjust the window latch if the window does not shut or lock properly.
  • Water could enter if there is a gap between the frame and the wall. You can seal the fissure with caulk or use weather stripping to prevent rainwater from getting in.

Alternatively, you could call a professional window repair specialist - you may need a complete window replacement. 

Water in a room can damage the structure of a building and cause mold. It also causes cracks in wood and can cause wood rot. 

If a leaking window does not get fixed in time, it could lead to severe damage to the structure of the building.

Causes of Leaking Windows  

Window leaks can have many causes, sometimes due to poor installation. The window seals could have been cut incorrectly, or the opening was not fitted adequately with window flashing. 

The installer may have used improper materials to seal the window, causing it to wear unevenly. 

Poor construction might bow or warp the window frame, letting water in through the sides.

Can Leaking Windows be Repaired? 

Of course. But it all boils down to the cause of the water leak. 

If the window frame has warped or the sealant is coming off, you may need to replace the window. This solution is often more cost-effective than a simple repair. 

Are there other common ways to stop leaks besides replacing the window? The answer is yes. 

For instance, you can use weather stripping, a type of tape that fills the gap around the window frame. It effectively seals the window and keeps out water. 

Why You Should Call in the Specialists

It's best to call a professional when you notice window leaks. 

Experienced window repair specialists have the equipment and knowledge to install function- and aesthetic-compliant windows. 

You'll enjoy a more energy-efficient home and a reduced risk of moisture damage. 


Window leaks can be an easy problem to fix if you know how to do it. However, if you need more time or patience for repair, call in the professionals for a window leak repair. 

A professional window repair specialist can help you improve the overall value of your home and prevent an expensive remodeling job in the future.