Despite many changes in the field of commercial building design, glass still remains one of the most popular materials used in construction today. Glass is known for its beauty, safety, and ability to be custom cut to any size or shape. You’ll also find that it is included in commercial buildings for this list of benefits that just keeps growing.

Benefits of Using Glass in Commercial Building

#1 Use Light to Make a Dramatic Impression

Natural light has the unique effect of making interior parts of a building appear more spacious. Large wall-length panes allow light into the entrance of a business, which instantly sets a modern ambiance. Commercial businesses that offer products such as food or jewelry also benefit from allowing in light that highlights the items that are on display.

#2 Increase Employee Productivity

The same light that highlights a company’s products and creates a modern look has an impact on human behavior. People who work in well-lit environments are more productive. This is why large windows are an excellent addition to any office environment.

#3 Encourage Transparency or Privacy

Some businesses benefit from making the most of translucent panels. For example, day cares often use glass to create an open atmosphere that enhances safety practices. Some restaurants and bakeries also include glass panels to give customers a glimpse at the interesting techniques the chefs use to bake cakes or other delights.

Alternatively, you’ll see companies use patterned or tinted panels to allow light in but protect security. This is common in medical clinics where the office may have a sliding window to speak to customers. Being able to close it allows employees to handle phone calls and paperwork more privately.

#4 Add Flexibility to Office Floor Plans

The nature of the business world today involves constant change. Sliding glass partitions are often used in commercial buildings to allow for the floor plan to change in an instant. Placing partitions strategically inside allows for offices to be opened up into a conference room by simply opening the doors.

#5 Minimize Maintenance and Cleaning Needs

Despite its deceptive fragile appearance, glass is one of the most durable materials used in construction. Windows and panels are created using modern technology that makes them scratch and break-resistant. The smooth panes require very little maintenance, and most building owners prefer being able to wipe them down rather than arranging for frequent painting services.

#6 Demonstrate a Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Although glass will last decades, there comes a point when it reaches the end of its life. When it does, it can be recycled multiple times. Given the size of most commercial buildings, this has a tremendous impact upon preserving resources. 

Specially treated panels are also energy-efficient. Being able to reduce air transfer in large commercial buildings is another way to make your company a positive force in the community. 

#7 Discover Multiple Options for Customization

Commercial businesses can utilize the properties of glass to emphasize their brand. Panels and windows can be etched with a company logo or motto. Color tints are another option that companies can use to draw attention to their storefront.

When you look at a high-rise building, you can see that the sky truly is the limit for creating impressive buildings out of glass. Using this material in small ways makes a big statement, too. From translucent floating shelves to custom-planned partitions and door configurations, we’ve got the material to make any building design vision come true.