In addition to providing flexibility for the floor plan, these tinier areas also offer benefits that include being easier to clean and keep organized. The ability to create a cozy ambience is nice, but the smaller square footage means that these rooms can quickly feel cramped and cluttered.

Small spaces present an opportunity to get creative with the building design and decorating plans. In most cases, it only takes a few simple changes to transform the area and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Bring In More Light

Tiny rooms can quickly begin to feel like a closet if they are shut off from the rest of the world. Whenever possible, include large windows in the design plans for smaller rooms. Energy-efficient glass makes it possible to use big panes without having to worry about rising utility bills.

For a light and airy effect, use sheer curtains or drapes that allow the most light to come through the windows. Being able to see a view of the outside helps to open up a room that feels tiny and crowded.

Stay Separate But Connected

In a commercial building, it is common to find that there are multiple small offices that are all placed next to each other. Glass partitions are an option that allows for the building to seem larger. 

Our partition systems have sliding glass doors that provide sound-dampening benefits when employees and clients need privacy. Clear partitions provide the most benefits for creating a sense of more space, but frosted or opaque styles are also available to create private places with the illusion of having more space.

Expand and Reflect

Moving walls might not be possible in certain buildings. Mirrors are an alternative option that can have similar benefits without having to do a major renovation. Strategically placed mirrors can help to make a room look larger since the reflection creates a sense of visual expansion. 

Floor to ceiling mirrors are a great way to make small dance studios and dressing areas look larger. In a bedroom, this effect is easily achieved through the installation of mirrored closet doors. Smaller versions can also be included as wall hangings or backdrops to provide a slightly more subtle effect of expanding space.

Choose Streamlined Furniture

Bulky pieces of furniture can quickly make a small space feel cramped. Tables and shelves can be made using glass that helps the furniture to blend into the environment. Since you can see through the surfaces, the furniture becomes less obtrusive. 

This strategy also fits perfectly in with the modern design styles that are often used in interior decorating today, and it works best with a monochromatic color scheme. Chrome, brushed metal and light wood bases all look beautiful with glass tops. 

Opening up smaller spaces makes it easier to think outside of the box when you are working on a project for work or trying to manage tasks at home. Installing glass features improves the aesthetics of smaller spaces and gives you a clearer mindset that inspires a sense of calmness and increases productivity.