Storefront windows are typically one of the first things that people notice as they approach a commercial building. The right type of windows serve as a welcoming sign that your business cares about its customers and invites them to come inside. 

Tips on How to Choose the Best Glass for Storefront Windows

Old, broken and outdated ones send the opposite message, and they could deter people from conducting business with your company. When it’s time to upgrade your windows, or install them on a new building, pay attention to these important strategies for choosing the perfect storefront windows for your commercial property.

Think About Safety and Security

Those huge panes of glass are often an easy entry point for burglars. Fragile panes that are placed within reach of people are at a higher risk for breakage. 

There are two main types of glass to choose from that offer more protection than the standard version you’ll sometimes see on older buildings. 

Tempered panes go through a special heat or chemical treatment to make them stronger than annealed glass. If enough force hits it, it can still break. The benefit of the heat treatment is that the broken pieces will be larger chunks rather than small, sharp ones like you would see with annealed glass.

Laminated panes are another option. With this type, a special film is placed between two panels of glass. Usually, it takes extremely strong forces to break this type. If something does, the film acts as glue to hold the pieces in place. 

This has the effect of making it harder for someone to enter the building, and it is often preferred for daycares and other businesses where injury prevention is a concern.

Aim for Higher Energy-Efficiency

Large, expansive windows that add interest to your building are beautiful, but they have the downside of potentially allowing a large amount of heat transfer to occur through the panes. Fortunately, there is an easy solution for fixing this problem. 

Just look for Low-E panes, which have a special coating that minimizes how much infrared and ultraviolet light makes its way indoors. You can also choose double or triple-paned windows that have special gas placed between each layer to further improve energy-efficiency.

Consider the Need for Privacy

Some companies thrive with expansive, clear windows that allow customers to see the goods inside and feel tempted to walk through the doors. Others may feel as though those huge panes could create an issue for protecting people’s privacy. 

Financial institutions, medical offices and spas are a few types of business that may need to look for panes with special tinting that make it harder for people to see inside. Mirrored panels are another option that can create a sleek look for modern buildings.

Match the Local Aesthetics

Depending upon the location of your commercial business, you may also need to make sure that your storefront complements the surrounding buildings. This is especially important in historical downtown areas or with businesses that sit near residential homes. 

Work with a local contractor, who can help you pick out frames and other style elements that will be an asset for showing that your company cares about the general appearance of the community.

Commercial windows are a major investment that you make in your property, but they pay off over time by attracting customers to your business. 

Before you make your final decision, be sure to inquire about the warranty policy. Choosing a contractor that guarantees their work is just as important as finding the right style and glass type for the windows.