Hinged and sliding doors are two options that you might be considering for your residential or commercial building. 

Are Glass Sliding Doors Better? 

Both of these door types provide the benefit of making an entrance to a room or building functional and beautiful at the same time. 

They also have several differences that can sometimes make one the better option over the other. Asking yourself a few simple questions can help you decide which one is better for your building’s plans.

Where Will the Door Be Installed?

Sliding glass doors are often included on the backside of a building where they open out onto a patio. A sliding panel system also works well as an option inside of buildings where you might want to use them to create multipurpose rooms.

Some people choose a hinged door for aesthetic purposes on the front of a building. You can choose one with clear panels to create a similar look to sliding systems in this case. 

Does the Area Involve Heavy Traffic?

Hinged doors are known for creating a larger opening since the panels can be swung out of the way. Modern sliding doors can be made with stackable panels that also slide conveniently to one side. 

Two-way opening sliding systems are another option that allows for more people to walk through the entrance at once.

Do You Have a Need for More Privacy?

Sliding doors are large and can create the illusion of more space since they provide a window to the outside or other parts of the indoor area. 

If privacy is a concern, then you can choose from several different types of glass options to get that spacious feeling without having people see everything that goes on inside. 

Glass tints and textures can allow light inside, while giving you more control over how much privacy the sliding system provides. 

How Is the Building’s Energy-Efficiency?

Energy loss is a concern anytime you have a large opening to a building. Sliding doors can be made with the same types of glass as you use on your windows. 

Combining high quality panels with a sturdy frame reduces energy loss at your home or commercial building.

What About Security Concerns?

People sometimes associate hinged doors with being more secure, but this isn’t always true. Sliding doors have many ways that you can keep people from getting inside of the building. 

In fact, we generally recommend using a multi-point security system. Using a block lock combined with a key or code lock on the handle gives you double the security. You can also add on alarm systems just like you can with a hinged door.

The right type of door makes life easier. Being able to slide a panel out of the way gives you the benefit of using your living or commercial space in multiple ways. 

Once you’ve made your choice for a door, you’re ready to take the next step and pick out your preferred metal finish for the frame, handle and other features. 

Our technicians can walk you through each step of finishing your plans for a door to make sure the whole process is seamless.