Glass shelving blends functionality with the beauty of a translucent surface. Installing these types of shelves in your home or business creates a clean and modern look that is easy to maintain. 

The versatile surfacing is also perfect to use in just about every room of your house or commercial building. We’ve installed shelves in high-end stores, residential bathrooms, and corporate offices. 

During our more than 40 years of service, we’ve found that our customers often have the same questions about how durable and customizable glass shelves are when they are installed in a building. Learning more about how our translucent panes can look so delicate while being so strong at the same time helps you begin to make plans for your home or commercial building renovation project.

How Sturdy Are Glass Shelves?

A pane can be placed over a solid surface to create a fully supported shelf. You might use this option to dress up a shelf that is already in place on a desk or bathroom surface. The glass adds a reflective surface that is easy to clean and highlights the objects that are placed on it.

Our floating shelves are also incredibly sturdy. We use special hardware to attach the panes to the wall. The hardware that we choose is designed to bear the weight of any objects that you store on the shelf. Professional technicians also know how to identify the safest places on a wall to mount the shelves. The combination of sturdy hardware, thick glass, and stud placement reduces the risk of having shelves fall or break.

Shelves are usually made with tempered glass. This type of glass goes through a special process that makes it stronger and harder than standard types. Laminated glass is another type that you can choose for a shelf installation. This is sometimes referred to as safety glass since it contains a special layer in the middle that holds the pieces together after a break.

Where Do Transparent Shelves Work the Best?

The sky is the limit with where you can put these shelves. Commercial property owners find that glass shelves work beautifully as display areas where awards or products that are being sold can stand out. Homeowners love to use these shelves in their residences since the clear panes create an airy and open feeling that works wonderfully in bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas.

What Are My Options for Customization?

Your quote includes a consultation with a professional technician that will show you all of your options for creating the right look for your project. We offer several different glass colors that you can use to match the shelves to your current decorating scheme.

You also have the option of choosing special edging that turns the shelves into a showpiece or helps them fade into the background. Your technician will also talk to you about how you expect to use the shelves and assess the current layout of the room to develop a personalized plan for the design.

The ability to custom shelves gives you the ultimate flexibility for installing one of the most functional pieces of decor that you can include in a building. Whether you need a few individual floating shelves or a wall-sized display case, we’ve got you covered with a full range of customizable options.