The year 2020 is earning a reputation when the comforts of home are taking on a whole new level of importance.

Bathrooms are one area of the home that serves as a retreat. The shower in your bathroom also serves as a central focal point that sets the mood for relaxation.

These top 2020 shower enclosure trends are all excellent inspiration for transforming your bathroom into a beautiful oasis.

Black is the New Silver 

Shower fixtures often get overlooked when it comes to style. For years, silver and gold fixtures are what most people settle for without giving it a second thought. 

This year, shower fixtures and hardware are taking center stage. Black matte fixtures are one of the most popular options for adding a modern look to showers. 

If you want to keep the look light, then pair black fixtures with a frameless shower enclosure. Alternatively, you can choose a frame with a black finish to emphasize this trend.

Modernize Your Shower Experience

Just imagine for a moment that you could step into a shower where the water has already been set to turn on at the perfect temperature. People are now extending their home automation technology into their bathrooms to enhance their shower experience. 

Bluetooth speakers, voice-activated lighting, and televisions are all part of new bathroom designs. If you opt for an in-bathroom television, make sure to get a clear glass enclosure for the best view.

Get Creative With Tile Shapes and Designs

Those square, gray tiles are outdated. The newest trend in showers are to show off some serious personality. Look for tiles in more interesting shapes such as diamonds and octagons.

Chevron patterns are enormous for tile placement right now, along with using different colors to create contrast. Using colorful tiles to fill in space around a soap shelf is a conservative way to jump on this trend.

Of course, going with a creative design means that you’ll want to make sure that the tiles are visible outside of the shower. Switch out a frosted glass for clearer panes that show off the gorgeous colors and designs.

Open up Space

Open showers are one of the newer trends for master bathrooms where people prefer to feel a sense of freedom and openness. A doorless shower allows you to walk right in and out without feeling burdened by a bathtub ledge or clunky door.

Keep in mind that this simplified design does require careful planning. An open shower should have at least six feet of splash space around the opening. Most people choose to set these up in the corner of the bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall on one side to contain the water spray.

A sliding shower door can also give you the option of keeping it open or closed, depending upon your preference at the moment.

Simplified Styles for Multigenerational Households

Life is busy enough without having to worry about scrubbing down nooks and crannies in the shower. Multigenerational families are also influencing shower designs. 

Walk-in showers are still trending, but people are starting to think about more than just accessibility. Frameless shower designs are famous for being easier to keep clean than other styles.

These are paired with patterned glass to create a private but spacious place where everyone in the family can bathe with ease.

The right shower design gives you space to think, dream, and prepare for your day. Custom glass enclosures give you the best starting point for creating a clean-lined design that opens up space and provides an ultimate sense of comfort.