A well-built residence or commercial office building requires more thought than just making sure the walls and beams are secure. The windows on any building serve as a barrier to the outside world, and it only takes a few minor flaws to add up to big problems.

Fortunately, most of the common issues that property owners face are easily fixed by upgrading to dual pane windows. These windows consist of two pieces of glass that have air trapped inside. In some cases, special gases are placed between the two layers of glass. Gases, such as argon, can help to further increase the benefits of using dual glass windows.

Improve Energy Efficiency

With rising utility costs, energy efficiency is a huge concern that you may have as a property owner. Older, single pane windows do very little to provide insulation against outdoor temperatures. 

Poor window insulation can lead to issues such as higher costs to heat or cool your home or office building. Replacing single-pane windows with ones that use two layers of glass can dramatically improve your energy savings. Although the savings can vary, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that this switch can increase energy efficiency by around 30%. 

We can help you determine the cost-effectiveness of upgrading your windows. We also have additional solutions, such as special glass coatings, that can further increase the money that you save over time.

Create a More Uniform Environment

Your home should feel like a cozy oasis that you can retreat to during uncomfortable outdoor weather. The same goes for commercial buildings where customer satisfaction is critical to your success. Single pane windows can make it hard to keep a consistent temperature throughout the building. 

This is why you may hear people complain about hot or cold spots. Adding double glass windows to these rooms can stop problems caused by things such as the sun beaming into a specific room each day.

Reduce Outside Noises in Interior Spaces

With so much talk about energy efficiency, it is also easy to forget the benefit of reducing outside noise inside your home or office building. A dual pane unit can help you to create a quieter, calmer environment for patients in your medical clinic. At home, you can reduce the sounds from living near a busy street or playground. 

Adding the extra layer of glass with air trapped inside makes a huge difference in the comfort of any building.

Prevent Damage From Window Condensation

The inefficient temperature transfer created by single pane windows often leads to condensation on the glass. This condensation is unsightly, but it can also lead to bigger issues. The water droplets that accumulate on the glass can run down and cause damage to the frame and sill. 

Look for signs of damage such as rust along metal frames or rotting wood on the windowsills. Professionally installed dual pane windows are less likely to build up condensation. This preserves the building materials for a longer period of time. 

The right type of windows for your home or commercial building can vary according to many factors. We assess your building’s current energy efficiency along with its proximity to things such as a busy street. When we recommend dual pane windows, you can trust that it is to help you achieve the most benefits from your glass replacement services.

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