The windows on your commercial business building give customers a view of how your company operates. Broken or dingy windows make it seem like your company doesn’t worry about quality.

Gleaming, modern windows make it clear that your business pays attention to every detail. The right windows will guide new customers to your doors. They can also make it possible for people to see your displays as they window shop.

Take a critical look at the current glass that is on the building to see how many of these strategies will work to make them stand out.

#1 Replace Damaged Parts

The simplest way to make an instant difference in the appearance of your building is to fix any areas that need repairs. Look for cracks, bubbling tint, and dented window frames. All of these features factor into people’s impressions of the business when they walk by.

#2 Add or Subtract Dividers

Multiple small window panes create a traditional effect that reminds people of times gone by. This option is perfect for places that want to evoke a feeling of nostalgia, such as gift shops, bed and breakfasts, as well as country-style diners.

Businesses that want a more modern feel can use large panes of glass. When this is done right, the appearance of glass stretching up towards vaulted ceilings has an impressive effect.

#3 Frame the Glass With Color

Large windows help to draw people’s eyes to the doors, and you can use color to make this even more effective. Window frames come in a variety of different styles and finishes. You can choose a neutral shade to make the windows recede. Alternatively, frames in a contrasting or bold color make the glass stand out. 

#4 Choose Colored Glass

Glass tints and colors are another way to make a commercial building stand out from the rest of the storefronts in the area. Bronze glass gives off the appearance of stability and success. Rose and other colors can give your business an elegant or quirky vibe that attracts people from your target market.

#5 Open Up Your Options

Custom window configurations make it possible to create the desired effect for your customers. For instance, you can select large windows that your crew can open up to create an open air experience for your customers. This is a great option for restaurants and other venues where people want to see and be seen.

#6 Play With Patterns

Frosting and etching can be used to put your company’s logo on the glass. Patterned panes can also create a specific look that lets people know what your business offers. Use a waterfall or rain pattern on a window to add more privacy while letting people know that your business offers services with a focus on comfort and security.

#7 Show It Off

When a building has beautifully designed glass windows, there is no reason to keep them in the dark. Make sure to dress this part of the building up. Add lights that shine down on the displays at night, and make sure to keep the indoor area well-lit. Attractive curtains, awnings, and other accessories all help to bring out the beauty of your custom storefront.

Customized commercial windows give your building an instant update that makes people take notice. Professional glass repair and replacement services include a consultation that helps you make the best decisions for creating the look that your customers appreciate.