Soap scum is the nemesis of everyone who enjoys the beauty of clean, clear glass. You may be one of the best housekeepers in the world and still find yourself dealing with soap residue. 

How to Remove Soap Scum from Glass Shower Doors

This frustrating substance is the result of fats and waxes in the soap, mixing with minerals in the water, to make a sticky film. 

Soap residue buildup is most noticeable on clear surfaces such as the shower doors, but it can also exist in the bathtub and sinks. 

Removing soap scum takes a combination of determination and elbow grease. Adding these tips to your cleaning routine will leave your shower sparkling clean. 

#1 Use a Vinegar-Based Solution

Vinegar is acidic enough to cut through soap scum but still gentle enough to prevent damage to the glass. Mix one part vinegar to one part warm water in a spray bottle. 

For extra cleaning power, add a couple tablespoons of dish soap. Then, just spray the shower walls and door down and walk away. 

Leave the solution sitting for about 20 minutes. After that, use a microfiber cloth or soft sponge to scrub everything down before you rinse with water.

#2 Boost Cleaning Power With Baking Soda

Thick soap scum might require a little extra work. Mixing baking soda with vinegar to create a paste is one way to break through a thicker layer of soap residue. 

Simply rub this mixture on and let it sit, just like you would the vinegar solution. When you’re ready to scrub, use a gentle touch. 

Baking soda is slightly abrasive, which is good for getting through the scum. Just don’t rub so hard that you leave scratches in the glass.

#3 Be Prepared to Repeat the Process

If there is a large amount of soap scum, then you may need to work through several layers, since the cleaner might not be able to penetrate through all of the layers at once. 

Letting the solution sit on the surface for a few minutes helps it to soak in deeper, but that might not be enough. If you still see some scum after you rinse, just repeat the process. It takes time, but you will successfully clear the scum away.

#4 Prevent Soap Scum From Building Up

Once you’ve gotten your shower doors sparkling clean, you want to keep them that way. 

Clearing soap off of the shower walls is easier when it is wet. You can keep a spray bottle of your preferred cleaner nearby for frequent cleanings after you take a shower. 

Bonus tip: Drying the shower with a squeegee every time also prevents build up.

#5 Use a  Different Type of Soap

Certain types of soap seem to create more film than others. If possible, switch to a liquid soap or body wash. These are more diluted than bar soap, which means that they’ll rinse away more easily. 

If you use a heavy conditioner or other oily products, then consider washing the walls and door down when you are done.

Allowing soap scum to build up can damage the glass. Over time, the minerals in soap scum can get into the pores of the glass, causing etching that makes it look permanently foggy. 

In this case, glass shower door replacement is the best way to make the shower look clean again. 

We can also recommend safe glass sealants and cleaners that can prevent soap scum from ruining the beauty of your bathroom.