What is the Best Tint for Home Windows

Window tint is also beneficial because it reduces your energy usage by preventing natural light from filtering into the house. Once the tint is installed, it can reduce your electric bill each month, leading to potentially hundreds of dollars in savings after a few months. 

Different Types of Window Frames

The frames that go around them might not be the first thing that you think about when it’s time for repairs or replacements, but choosing the right type makes a big difference in your long-term satisfaction.

How Safe are Glass Shower Doors

While a new shower door looks fragile, it should be able to stand up to years of frequent use. We ensure your shower’s new glass door will resist shattering by knowing how to prevent breakage at each step of the installation process.

What Custom Mirrors Can Do for Your Home Decor

Our technicians can use special edging techniques to create custom mirrors that highlight your attention to detail. You can also get the glass cut to the exact size you need to put a reflective surface on a piece of furniture or a shelf. While mirrors have long been used in homes as wall art, it’s good to know these other useful ways to use them to add interest to any room.