Are Double-Paned Windows Worth It?

The benefits of double-pane windows far outweigh those of single-pane versions. Deciding between the two usually comes down to how much they cost. Understanding why double-pane versions are best is key to making a wise selection. 

Why Choose Raben Glass for Window Replacement?

The first step in replacing glass windows is to have a consultation to figure out what you want and what your needs are. After selecting appropriate windows, an expert will take precise measurements. The last step is installation, which entails tearing out the old windows, preparing the openings and installing the new ones. 

Tips for Regular Home Window Maintenance

If your home has traditional single-pane windows, you may want to consider upgrading them. These windows contribute to significant heat loss and energy waste. No matter what type of windows you have, taking care of them will improve their energy efficiency.

Best Types of Glass for Energy Efficient Windows in Phoenix

Windows are a primary focal feature in homes that also serve an important purpose. On top of creating a beautiful view, the windows that you choose can also help to keep you cool. Exploring the different types of glass that are available gives you insight into how to improve your property’s energy-efficiency.

Window Glass: 6 Common Types

Choosing the right glass for a repair of your home can be challenging. Whether you need to replace a single pane of glass or several windows, new technologies have made it possible to turn your windows into another layer of protection from intense sun, extreme heat and even noise.