An attractive metal and glass storefront attracts customers to the doors, and quality materials help to prevent damage from accidents and break-ins.

Does your business have an outdated storefront, or did the current glass sustain damage and need replacement?

We specialize in business glass replacement and installation services that enhance the aesthetics of storefronts and add value.

Types of Industries We Serve

Our experienced technicians have successfully installed glass storefronts on businesses in a variety of different industries throughout the area. These are just a few of the industries that we serve.

  • Retail stores
  • Commercial offices
  • Mom and pop shops
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants

During our consultation, we will make sure that your quote for new business glass matches the surrounding structure and fits your company’s needs.

Commercial Glass Installation

Single Pane Vs. Dual Pane Glass

Many older storefronts are made with single pane glass that is about 1/4” thick. This type of glass is more budget-friendly, yet it is not as energy-efficient as more modern types of glass.

Dual pane glass consists of two pieces of glass that have air trapped between them. This serves as insulation that helps to reduce energy loss.

Most newer buildings have dual pane glass installed today, but we can also upgrade any existing glass to this type to provide you with additional benefits for your company.

Reduce Outside Background Noise

On a storefront, the glass and metal framing is often the largest part of the surface. This means that the only thing that stands between the people inside the building and the street is the glass.

The thickness of dual pane and laminated glass helps to block out street noise so that customers and employees are better able to focus on conducting business.

Higher quality glass is often recommended for storefronts where privacy and communication are critical, such as for call centers or medical offices.

When Tempered Glass is Needed

Tempered glass is a type that has been specially treated so that it is stronger. Your building may need this type of glass on any part of the storefront that is located near a door or the ground where the possibility of damage is higher.

Tempered glass will break into small pieces like annealed glass, but it takes a higher amount of force to cause the damage.

Safety & Security With Laminated Glass

We frequently use this type of glass in our commercial building repairs where something stronger than tempered glass is needed. Laminated glass consists of two pieces of glass with a special film placed between them.

While other types of glass break into tiny shards if they are hit, this type will break but be held together by the film.

For safety purposes, we often recommend placing this type of glass on storefronts due to the increased risk of them being hit by various objects as people pass by.

Laminated glass helps to prevent injuries if the storefront is broken. It also adds an extra measure of security to the building.

During a break-in, the glass can be hit over and over again, but it will retain its place so that it is harder for someone to get into the building.

Another Example - Commercial Door and Window Installation

Thermal Glass Energy Savings

Did you know that about 25% of a building’s heating and cooling costs is due to heat transfer through the windows?

Today’s commercial businesses must do their part to help preserve environmental resources, and reducing energy use is one of the best ways to do exactly that.

We can upgrade the storefront to more energy-efficient glass that makes it clear that your company takes an eco-friendly stance.

Upgrading to higher quality thermal windows can also save your company money in the long run by reducing expenses for heating and cooling the building.

Let us know if the building frequently feels excessively hot during the summer, especially near the windows. Poor quality glass could be the reason for rising energy costs.

Installation Turnaround Times

Whether your building was vandalized or just needs an upgrade, time is of the essence. We understand that you cannot wait weeks for the glass to be replaced on a building that houses valuable assets or needs to provide protection to the people inside.

1. We’ll come out as soon as possible after you call us with a request for a quote.

2. Our technician will carefully measure the space that needs glass and discuss any concerns about energy loss and damage risks you may have.

3. Together we’ll then decide upon your preferred glass and metal types, and our office will send you a final quote shortly.

4. After you make your order, we get started on the repair or replacement right away. In most situations, we can offer you a lead time of 5 -7 days after you place your order.

However, we do urge you to let us know if you have an emergency situation that needs to be addressed so that we can do what we can to help.

Our main supplier for storefront metal and glass is OldCastle Building Envelope.

Use a Licensed Contractor

We are licensed, bonded and insured, and offer a warranty on our installation and a manufacturer’s warranty on any parts that we use to create your custom metal and glass storefront.