Glass walls and entrances give a modern and streamlined look to both the interior and exterior of commercial businesses.
Frameless glass doors create an impressive and elegant appearance on storefronts that works beautifully for malls, airports and offices.

Does your commercial building need an updated and modern entrance, or are you currently working on an interior layout that needs that something extra to make the design stand out?

Commercial Glass Must be Strong & Durable

Glass that is used in areas that receive heavy traffic, such as mall entrances and interior sliding doors, must be strong enough to withstand heavy use.
Glass doors should also be capable of staying intact during the inevitable bumps and jostles that occur when people pass through.

We have several types of glass that we can use for glass walls and entrances, and we choose the thickness based upon factors such as the location of the door or wall and the types of activities that occur in the area.

1/2" Thick Glass - Walls & Entrances

1/2" Glass Building Entrance
In most cases, we use 1/2” thick glass that is stronger than the types that you commonly see in residential windows and doors.
This thickness gives the glass extra durability while also providing other benefits such as decreased outside noise and increased security.

There are also 2 main types of glass that we use for wall and entrance installations.

Tempered Glass -This type of glass consists of two panels that have space in the middle where air is trapped. The glass is also heat treated to make it stronger and more resistant to temperature changes.
These are ideal for helping to reduce energy loss in a building or between two rooms where you may prefer the ability to maintain a higher level of climate control.

Laminated Glass -This type also has two panels of glass, but there is a thin layer of film between the two.
If the glass sustains a large enough amount fo force to break it, then the film helps to hold the shards of glass in place.
Laminated safety glass is often recommended in areas where there is a higher potential for human injury such as the doors to a children’s play area in the mall. Laminated glass also enhances security by being resistant to break-ins.

Swinging and Sliding Doors

You can also choose from swinging and sliding glass doors for your project.
Hinged glass doors are a great option for offices where you want to allow more light to filter through the room than you can get with a solid wood or aluminum door.

Sliding doors work best when you need a larger entrance where multiple people or those carrying large objects can get through.
When we install them on the interior of a building, they create a flexible workspace where they can be opened to join to rooms.
1/2" Glass Walls & Entrances Installation

Open Office Look with Glass Walls

Glass walls are frequently used for conference room partitions.
You can install glass for your conference room to create an open office system without the headaches of being completely exposed to everyone’s conversations.
Our thick glass blocks out noise while creating a cohesive look that blends into the rest of the building’s aesthetics.

Frameless entry doors also provide a touch of class when they are used indoors while also opening up the space.
Consider using these types of doors where consistency is important for the overall design, such as between a foyer and the main hallway of a building, since they can be matched to the exterior doors.

Provide Privacy With Frosted Glass

Frosted glass can block people’s view to the interior of a building or room while still allowing natural light to filter through.
You may prefer frosted glass to provide privacy in the following situations.
  • doors and partition walls to offices
  • public areas that adjoin conference rooms
  • exterior doors and windows that are near valuable assets
Office with 1/2" Glass Doors and Walls

Maximize Space With Glass Partition Walls

Interior glass partition walls are an option for creating smaller rooms within the space.
These are ideal for offices where you want employees to be able to see and communicate with each other without the distraction of too much noise.

Make a Statement - Colored Glass Walls & Finishes

Statement walls can be created using colored or patterned glass that works with the rest of the decorating scheme.
You can also choose from different colors of glass such as gray or bronze for your glass walls and entrances.

We also provide several options for the finishing touches on doors. You may be able to choose from these finishes for the rails and handles on the glass doors.
  • bronze
  • chrome
  • brass

Call Us a Free Measurement and Quote

Glass walls and entrances require accurate measurements before we can give you a final quote.
When you give us a call, we will set up a time for our technician to come out to measure and help you choose the perfect set up for the installation.
Once you give us your approval, we get started right away.
Our current lead time is 5 - 7 days once you order, and we will let you know if the size of your order requires more time to complete so that you can make the necessary arrangements.

We Guarantee Our Work and Materials

We back all of our work with a full warranty on the installation and materials.
When you hire a licensed, bonded and insured contractor like Raben Glass, you can rest assured your glass doors and windows will be installed correctly, with quality materials.