Broken Glass Door or Window?

Commercial glass doors and window systems are meant to withstand significant stress. Yet, they can break if they are hit with enough force to cause the glass to shatter.

Once a window or door breaks, time is of the essence to secure your property and make it safe for customers and employees.

Do you have a broken window or glass door on your commercial property? We can help by replacing the glass and making sure that it is less likely to break in the future.

Single Pane Glass

Single Pane Glass

Most commercial builders no longer use single pane glass on buildings, but this type is still fairly common to find in windows and doors on older buildings that were built before the 1980s.

You may choose to use single pane glass for the replacement if you are not concerned about energy-efficiency or need a budget-friendly option that provides a quick fix.

Single pane glass may also be an option for replacement in areas where safety and security are not a concern, such as a window that is small and located near the ceiling of a building.

Dual Pane Glass

Dual Pane Glass Window

This type of glass consists of two panes that are made to hold air in between them.

Dual pane glass is more energy-efficient than single pane glass. If energy costs are a concern for your business, then we can turn the glass replacement into an upgrade that benefits your company’s bottom line.

Property managers may also prefer to use this type of glass to attract tenants who prefer a commercial rental with better climate control.

Laminated Safety Glass

We typically suggest using laminated safety glass on any doors or windows that are located near the ground or a door.

Glass doors should also be made of thick safety glass that prevent accidental breaks during normal daily use.

Laminated glass has two or more panes with a special film in the middle. This film helps to hold the glass together if it breaks, and you may already see this effect at work on the building’s broken window or door.

When to Choose an Upgrade

The glass that is used on a commercial window or door plays a big role in reducing energy loss and protecting the security of everyone inside.

If the building already has safety or dual pane glass, then it may be best to replace it with this type.

You may also choose to replace with single pane glass to maintain continuity in a building that has multiple windows that do not require replacement yet.

How to Secure Your Property After Damage

Whether the glass was broken from a natural occurrence or a break-in, your first priority is to secure your property and protect people from harm. You can start by following these steps.

  1. Place a sign or stand to warn others of the potential danger
  2. Use personal protective equipment such as gloves to clean up leftover glass
  3. Board up the open space or cover with plastic sheeting
  4. Direct foot traffic to an alternate entrance if the broken glass is in the door

Replace Your Commercial Glass Fast

Once you secure the property, we urge you to call us as soon as possible.

Leaving a window or door broken opens your business up to potential theft since criminals tend to look for easy access areas.

Our Process

Our technician will come to your property after your call to examine the current windows and doors and talk to you about the typical use of the building.

Then, we work together to decide if the window or door needs an upgraded type of glass, and also measure the damaged area.

This information is sent to our office, where a member of our staff will set you up with a final quote.

After your approval, our technician will then come out and install the glass within as little as 5 - 7 days.

All Work and Materials Guaranteed

When you use a licensed, bonded and insured contractor like Raben Glass, you can rest assured that all materials and workmanship are guaranteed.