Commercial doors and windows play a huge role in the aesthetics of your business, and a modern storefront shows that your company appreciates quality.
The windows and doors also serve a practical purpose by serving as a point of security and helping to keep energy costs low.

Are you a property manager who needs to upgrade the current windows and doors on a commercial building to stay competitive in the current market or to attract tenants?

Many Options Available

We have a variety of different options that include being able to change configurations, colors and the types of glass and metal on the building to achieve the look you and prospective tenants want.

We can also do new construction framing so that the exterior of the building is professionally installed with high quality materials from the very beginning.

In addition to working with property owners and builders, we can also use commercial grade metal and glass systems on residential buildings as well.
You may prefer this if your house has high security need= or if you own a multi-residential housing complex.

Replace Damaged Wood and Glass

Older buildings that were built before about 1985 were often made from wood and single pane glass that doesn’t stand the test of time.
Over the past several decades, exposure to moisture, heat and harsh weather have likely led to damage that can no longer be repaired.

On a commercial building, damaged wood and glass also poses several risks that include the following issues that must be corrected right away.
  • risk of further damage from mold and mildew
  • decreased noise reduction
  • diminished value
  • substantial energy loss
  • increased risk of break-ins
We can eliminate all of these issues by replacing wood components with metal styles that are more durable and reduce the rate of energy loss.

We also have several commercial grade glass types that can reduce noise in the business environment while also making it harder for thieves to break in.

Give an Old Storefront a Modern Look

The front of your commercial building tells a story that potential customers and employees immediately pick up on.
By replacing outdated components, you give the building an instant face lift that makes people want to step through the doors.

Change Window Configurations

Many commercial buildings have fixed windows that do not open. This allows the light to be let in while eliminating potential issues such as broken parts or an employee leaving the window open in foul weather or overnight.
However, new building codes may require your commercial building to have windows that open for safety purposes.

Windows that slide open are also ideal in commercial environments where ventilation is critical such as in creative studios and co-working buildings.
You may also prefer to change the configuration of the windows to allow tenants greater control over their ability to maintain the temperature of their environment.

We can swap out fixed windows for sliding glass styles that allow for greater functionality that appeals to tenants and business owners.

Create a New Entrance

Does your commercial building need an additional or expanded entrance? We can replace panels of windows with sliding glass doors that let people inside as well as the light.

An updated entrance is also an ideal way to showcase a new business since it stands out to residents within the community.

Get a Free Measurement and Quote

Whether you are replacing an outdated storefront or need to plan for windows and doors on a new commercial building, your first step is to arrange for one of our technicians to come out for a free consultation.

Our technician will take measurements of all of the window and door spaces and talk to you about the many options that we have for styles and configurations.

Once you make your decision, we will give you a final quote that lets you know exactly what is to be done and the cost.

We currently have a lead time of approximately 5 - 7 days after you place your order, and we will work to complete your windows and doors project as fast as we can without sacrificing quality.

Enjoy Quality Assurance With Warranties

OldCastle Building Envelope is our primary supplier for commercial glass, and we trust the quality of their materials and storefront systems.

We also provide all of our customers with a full warranty on the installation, and we furnish you with the manufacturer’s warranty on any parts that we use.