Does your business have storefront doors that no longer close or lock properly? We may be able to fix the problem without having to replace the entire system.

When an exterior door does not close or lock properly, your entire building’s security system is compromised since thieves frequently try to find the easiest possible entrance.

A door that doesn’t close correctly also leaves the building vulnerable to weather damage and could provide an easy entry point for pests.

You may also see productivity go down if employees are forced to spend excessive amounts of time trying to secure the building, and non-working doors give a bad impression to customers.

Common Issues With Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are subjected to more wear and tear over time than residential doors. A quality, professionally-installed door is an investment that should last for many years.

These are just a few of the most common issues with commercial doors that we can fix by just replacing the parts.

  • Broken handles
  • Bent rails
  • Rusty or warped hinges
  • Stuck or broken closers

Is The Door Hard to Close?

Doors that are to close may have a problem with the way that it sits in the frame. This may be the issue at your building if the door rubs against the frame anywhere along the edges. You may also have trouble fully latching or locking a door that is not level.

We can make adjustments that help doors close properly when the hardware is only part of the issue.

Types of Hardware That We Can Replace

Doors on commercial buildings range from styles that swing outward or inward to those that slide. The doors on your property may also have other components such as level handles that can break.

All of these pieces of hardware are vulnerable to potential damage over time, and most are fully replaceable.

We can handle these types of replacement parts along with others that we identify as being broken.

  • Pivots
  • Closers
  • Rails
  • Handles
  • Hinges

We can even match the replacement pieces to the other fixtures on the building or the storefront for a unified design.

Commercial Door Closure Installation

When to Repair Versus Replace Commercial Doors

Replacing hardware on commercial doors just makes sense when the rest of the fixture is in good condition. A replacement part saves you money, preserves resources and is faster to fix.

When we do your free consultation, we will check out the problem and make sure that other issues are not affecting the functionality of the door.

Unless you desire an upgrade or the main components of the door are damaged, then we can typically recommend a hardware replacement.

If the door is beyond repair, then we can also take measurements for a commercial door replacement.

Guaranteed Materials and Workmanship

Our technicians use their expertise to replace hardware on commercial doors using the best techniques in the industry. Yet, we understand your concern about making sure that the building is always secure.

That’s why we provide a full warranty on the installation, and we can also give you a manufacturer’s warranty on the parts.

We can also give you pointers on how to keep the door in top condition when you meet with our technician.

Get a Non-Working Commercial Door Fixed Quickly

The only way to identify why your door is not working is for one of our technicians to take a look. When you contact us, we will promptly send a technician out to assess the situation.

Once the solution is found, they may be able to fix it on-site. If the problem is not fixable immediately, then we can usually get the parts and return to do the repair within 2 - 5 days.