Many companies offer windshield glass replacement - you can even go to a local gas station to get a windshield repair. But is this your best option?

Quality Glass for Your Vehicle

Many people do not realize that some auto glass installers use after-market glass.

We use only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass - this is quality glass that is licensed for your vehicle.

This means you will get the same quality windshield or window glass that originally came with your vehicle when it rolled off the assembly line.

Aftermarket auto glass, which is made by a company not licensed by your vehicle manufacturer for replacement glass, may or may not reach the same quality standards.

So the question you have to ask is, will an OEM windshield be safer than an aftermarket windshield? This is a chance you take when you opt for aftermarket auto parts. 

All Types of Auto Glass Replacement

We provide all types of auto glass replacement:

  • windshields
  • door glass
  • back glass
  • vent glass
  • rv windshields and window
  • tractor / utility vehicle glass
  • door regulators and motors

Don't see what you need? Give our office a call.

Lifetime Warranty on Windshield Installation

Do We Offer Windshield Replacement Incentives?

We know there are companies that will offer incentives, as most auto glass replacement is free for the insured.

However, we prefer, instead, to use the best brands of glass possible, and are able to provide a lifetime warranty on the installation along with the windshield warranty.

Keep these points in mind:

  • A trusted company / technician is vital to auto glass replacement.
  • Especially with windshields, most people don't realize that it is structural to the vehicle.
  • When installed improperly (typically not visible once installed), it can be a major issue in a collision.

A free restaurant dinner is not worth taking a chance with your family's safety.

We Make it Convenient for You

We are happy to go wherever needed for your glass replacement.

Whether home, office, gym, or while at an appointment. Evenings and weekends are available when necessary.

Experienced and Qualified Technicians

We are licensed, bonded and insured contractors who guarantee our work and materials.

Our technicians are experts at what they do, we use superior sealants, and we offer a written lifetime warranty on installation. Don't settle for less.

Accepted by All Insurance Networks

Preferred Insurance Provider

As a preferred insurance provider, we are accepted by all insurance networks.

  1. Call us with your insurance policy card handy (we need the policy # and sometimes the VIN #)
  2. Have about 10-15 minutes set aside - we will conference in your insurance claim rep and file the claim with you...acting as your advocate.
  3. Once we receive the approval or claim #, we can get you scheduled for replacement.

Some insurance companies can require an inspection with an adjuster or a 48 hr wait time prior to approving the claim. In this case we are not able to proceed with the glass replacement until the insurance company allows us to proceed.

We are always here to help you through the process.

Competitive Cash Pricing (Non-Insurance)

Don't want to make a claim on your insurance, or no insurance at all? Not a problem - we offer competitive cash pricing.